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Power Management Systems

Organic Waste Receivals As part of our experiences in the pitfalls of new developments, we have developed skills in providing solutions for electricity supply. MAF units require three phase power, and this can be difficult and expensive to source in rural and remote areas. If the proposed site doesn’t have existing power supply, solar is usually more economical than connecting grid power. We can provide and install solar systems tailored to the requirements of your MAF setup and water pumps. If a site is connected to the grid, but only has single phase power, we can provide a power management system that can both convert single phase to three phase (without the use of rotating motors) and provide short term battery backup that will smooth out fluctuating power and cover complete outages of several hours. Power management systems can be supplied in a small shipping Organic Waste Receivalscontainer already fitted out as a turnkey solution to take the pain out of power supply and streamline the development of your new composting operation.

Whatever your situation, C-Wise can use its broad experience to provide you with a composting and support solution that fits the location, staff experience and waste stream of your project.