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Out of the Box Composting Systems

Out of the Box composting systems is our one stop shop service for helping you deal with organic waste. In order to compost you don't just need a composting machine, you need hardstand, loaders, power, water and most importantly, knowledge. Getting all of this right is a long term learning process, but by taking advantage of our Out of the Box service, you can get things right first time and save yourself heartache, time, and money.

Organic wastes are still a greatly underused resource. The vast majority still goes into landfill, where we bury carbon that could be enriching soils. C-Wise have been doing their part to intercept these organic wastes, but there is only so much that one business can do. In order to help spread organic waste recycling, we support businesses, government and communities by supplying complete composting solutions. This can cover everything from using a paddock and an existing loader, to state of the art static aerated systems. We use our extensive composting knowledge and experience to create a fit for purpose solution relevant to your needs and limitations.

The gamut of services we can provide within a composting solution includes composting training, guidance for organising machinery, design for hardstand and help with learning how to market your end product.

Our systems are usually based around the MAF (Mobile Aerated Floor) composting system. MAF represents a cost effective and simple solution that provides a viable entry into composting for new operations, and allows existing composters to increase the efficiency and quality of their production systems. C-Wise values the MAF system so highly that we use MAF for all of our compost processes.