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Organic Waste Receivals

Organic Waste ReceivalsC-Wise provides a service for the disposal of liquid or solid wastes that can be treated by composting. We are licensed by the WA Department of Environmental Regulation (DER) to take a range of controlled waste categories. We go through a rigorous process before accepting new waste streams. We first ask for a sample and test it for pH, salts, heavy metals, oils and various contaminants. We then decide based on this if the waste is one that we can safely process through composting without passing on unacceptable contaminants to compost users or disrupting the microbial life doing the composting job. We also investigate the source of the waste stream to discover potential risks and how consistent the waste will be and test delivered loads to ensure safety. Pricing will be based on the ease of processing, risk of contaminants, volume to be processed and our available storage capacity.

Some examples of the categories of waste we receive, both DER controlled waste categories and uncontrolled wastes:


a) Biological Wastes (Categorised)
•Animal wastes/sludge
•Grease trap wastes
•Food wastes (vegetable oils etc.)

b) Low Strength Non-Biological Wastes (Categorised)
•Industrial wash waters
•Storm & pond waters
•Oil/water mixtures

c) High Strength Non-Biological Wastes (Categorised)
•Diluted paints and resins
•Oil sludge
•Acids & Alkalis

d) Non-categorised Wastes
•Animal wastes
•Animal Mortalities
•Timber Wastes
•Agricultural wastes