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MAF Package and Support

The process of composting as a whole is much more complex than simply piling some organic material on a MAF unit and pressing go. There is a significant amount of knowledge required to get the infrastructure and process right before ever unleashing a microbe. Once you have it right ongoing composting is relatively simple, but the learning process can be long and fraught.Agriculture For this reason C-Wise only offers package deals on MAF systems. The initial investment would include a week long training package for your staff, including both classroom and practical elements. We also provide advice on the most economical and reliable way to set up composting facilities. We have the benefit of 100 years of composting experience in our staff, and we have experienced first-hand the pitfalls involved in new developments. In order to give you the best chance of succeeding we provide support to get you safely up and running with the minimum of fuss. This ideally means C-Wise being involved from the earliest stages of development, including services such as helping with site selection and layout, the vitally important (and often skimped on) stage of hardstand surface preparation, matching supporting machinery to your system and ensuring water and power supplies are sufficient. We will also help in the early stages of production, to help you to get the composting method for your materials right. Correct site preparation and the basic knowledge of composting learned from experienced professional composters is your insurance for a successful project.