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When your business recycles organic waste, the world profits.

At C-Wise we don’t believe in the existence of organic wastes, there are just ingredients in the next stage of an industrial ecosystem. A restaurant may have food waste, oil waste from deep frying and paper waste from hand washing and drying. All of these could come to us to be composted, and then go to market gardens to grow more vegetables, to farms to grow more canola for cooking oil and to tree plantations to grow more wood for paper. There are many examples where this type of cyclic system can replace the tired one way system of produce it, use it, then put it in landfill.

C-Wise are committed to making good use of what we perceive as a resource. Come join us outside the box and you’ll find that we can rescue and re-home materials that never would have occurred to you could be composted, like oils, quarry dust, engine coolant, paint, acids, pesticides and fuel. We certainly can’t do everything, but it’s always worth asking.

While composting is our specialty, it’s not our exclusive preserve. We can help you to become part of an industrial ecology yourself by composting with your business or community. You can close the loop in a cost effective and energy efficient way using our MAF composting systems, read on to learn more about your new world.

Waste Solutions