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 Bob Heedes started back at C-Wise after a 10 month battle with stomach cancer which included major surgery. Bob's recovery has been excellent and he has come back to work one day per week at this stage. In the lunch room on his first day back he needed a bit of help to navigate the new coffee machine. Being C-Wise's mechanical whizz since 2009 he only needed one lesson from fellow mechanic Allan Shilliday and the coffee making process was locked in. Great to see you back on deck Bob.

There is no doubt that coffee culture is alive and kicking at C-Wise. Guests who visit the office often comment about the delicious coffee. I don't think this is because anything hot would taste good after braving the considerable distance from the city that most endure, because the coffee really is outstanding. Regular visitors including delivery drivers had also been trained on how to brew their own 'take away cuppa'. A hot, fresh cup of coffee goes a long way on a cold morning.

Recently C-Wise upgraded the caffeine infrastructure by purchasing a Swiss made Jura Impressa J9.3 One Touch. In addition a Jura cool control mini milk fridge has been attached so cold milk can be available all day no matter what the outside temperature. The system uses freshly roasted coffee beans.

C-Wise has been buying Five Senses coffee for a number of years now. This premium range of coffees has its own story. Two young missionary teachers working in New Guinea found that coffee was being grown on very small pieces of land by individual families. It was real hand grown coffee and the quality was exceptional. The breakthrough came when the teachers started to gather the small lots together into exportable amounts. These coffee beans are today roasted in Rockingham and sold on-line.


Allan shows how to fire up the coffee machine



Jura Impressa with milk cooler