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CEO Craig Salt pays tribute to long term service to the company




From left to right Bob Heedes, Jonathan Abaquin, Sue Lutherborrough, John Barton, Jess Bell, 

Cecilia le Roux, Dave Hicks and Stephen Gibbs

Fifty years of service to a 18 year old company

Service awards were celebrated at a special August staff morning tea to recognise outstanding and long term commitment to C-Wise. CEO Craig Salt passed on Certificates of Appreciation to seven team members who have served for 5 years and made special mention of Sue Lutherborrough for her 15 years in the business. 

Jonathan Abaquin - the quiet achiever. Jonathan’s chief role is monitoring and measuring the composting processes as well as water treatments.  Every process has to be measured in order to be controlled so this is part of how the company drives quality and improvement.

John Barton the brains trust.  As a soil scientist John is a walking encyclopaedia of things that go on under the surface of the soil.  He is an invaluable resource for training new staff as well as informing the whole recycled organics industry.

Stephen Gibbs (Gibby) - inside knowledge of all that happens on the ‘pad’. Gibby can make a 15 tonne Volvo loader dance.

Dave Hicks the untiring weekend warrior.  Dave is both a dam breaker and dam builder and sets up the site on the weekends for the next weeks receivals.

Cecilia Le Roux “customers just love her”.  Logistics is in the DNA, Cecilia oversees and directs all truck movements on site with the touch of a master. A “dangerous idea” - anything that upsets one of Cecilia's customers. 


Jess Bell - Miss Conscientious.  Jess looks after compliance matters which is a minefield when you look at all of the regulations that we have to work within.  Managing complexity ‘on steroids’ is Jess’ great skill.

Bob Heedes (Curly). Another quiet achiever, Bob looks after the maintenance of heavy and light machinery on the production pad.  C-Wise maintenance standards are looked on with awe by suppliers such as CJD (Volvo), Schaffer and Komptech. Reliability make a critical difference to operations. 

Sue Lutherborrough “the cleaner knows everything”.  A nocturnal worker Sue ensures that every morning the office is like a shining new penny. And the coffee machine is full and ready to ‘brew its job’.