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C-Wise commits to gaining Certification under ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems.

The Board of Directors of C-Wise has recently made the commitment to attain this international standard of environmental certification for the entire company.  C-Wise currently operates under an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System and also produces a range of composted products carrying Australian Certified Organic allowed input certification

Patrick Cullen, Chair of the Board announced the intention to widen management system certification to include environment as well as quality. “This is a natural progression for our business which is based on recycling carbon and turning others’ waste into valued land enhancement products.  Our decision to gain environmental certification will give credibility to our environmental values, through ensuring we have robust processes that can withstand external scrutiny”.

Some of the benefits to C-Wise will include: compliance confidence through understanding our obligations and assessing compliance;  environmental risk management through systematically identifying and controlling risks; efficient and effective environmental management through using a best international management practice benchmark and integration of these into our day to day processes as well as demonstration of due diligence in the event of an environmental issue.

Dr Miles Dracup of Environment, Agriculture and Water Consulting has been appointed to guide and document the process leading to certification. 

Miles has Bachelor Degrees in Science (Botany), Agricultural Science with first-class Honours (Plant and Soil Sciences), and Environmental Impact Assessment, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Plant Science). He is also a RABQSA accredited Lead Environmental Auditor and Waterwise Water Specialist. 


Dr Miles Dracup

With a wealth of experience in the fields represented in his business name, Miles has worked in senior roles with the Department of Agriculture WA, the Water Corporation, and as Principal Consultant - Environment and Water with KASA Consulting.  He commenced his own consulting practice in July 2014. 

A key factor of an environmental management system is to minimise negative impacts on the environment; specifically adverse changes to air, water or land. It involves complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations and continual improvement in all these operations. It also builds recognition of and helps to optimize positive impacts on the environment.

The methodology behind the system is Plan-Do-Check-Act.  Plan to establish objectives and processes to deliver on the environmental policy; do - implement the processes in the business; check - monitor and measure processes against our environmental policy and objectives as well as legal and other requirements, and report results; act - take action to continually improve environmental performance. 

C-Wise is goal setting to be ready for Certification by July 2016.