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C-Wise's receptionist Amy Waye also looks after inductions for the many contractors and drivers that visit the site every day. There are many potential hazards at the site where trucks are not only delivering solid and liquid organic wastes but taking composted product out the gate to projects around the state.

Amy explains the traffic situation around the site and that all vehicles need to give way to loaders. Also that there are three business sharing the location including a mushroom substrate producer and one of the states largest piggeries.

A major risk factor is biosecurity for the piggery and she will point out that if a contractor or driver or their vehicle has visited another piggery in the past 72 hours they are not allowed on site and must leave immediately. Essentially this is all about restricting the spread of diseases and predatory insects into the Craig Mostyn pig breeding facility.

All movements of vehicles around the site needs to be monitored by UHF radio. Drivers are instructed how to make radio calls and when these need to be made for safe movement around the site.

Drivers are asked to keep a sharp eye out for living hazards such as snakes and lizards. Rather than place themselves at risk Amy asks them to report the sighting back to reception. Our goal is to move the animal back into the bush areas around the edge of the farm as this is where they belong. Clint Liddelow operations manager, is the most expert of the critter wranglers on site.

Amy says induction for a first time visitor takes about 10 minutes where as the annual top up induction takes about 5 minutes. One of the production staff acts as an escort for first time inductees when they come onto the production pad to ensure that the layout and safety requirements of the site are fully understood.