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If you’ve got your own truck you’re welcome to come pick up your order, but otherwise we have several Agriculture companies we use that have the right equipment and experience for transporting our materials. We can arrange cost effective and timely transport to make life easy for you.

We can help you get your product on your land in several ways. We can arrange for a local contractor to do your spreading if you don’t have a suitable spreader yourself. We also have two spreaders available to hire so you can do the job yourself. You will need a front end loader to get the product into the spreader and a tractor with hydraulic remotes to tow and drive it.

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We can provide a range of agronomy related services. We can arrange and interpret soil tests, Agriculturewe can help you with coming up with a nutrition program, and we can help you figure out and treat soil health issues. All of these services are done with an eye towards soil health, with equal weight being placed on nutrition and soil function.

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b_0_350_16777215_00_images_banners_descriptive_Consulting.pngC-Wise has a remarkable store of experience and a group of people who see the world from a different perspective. We can provide innovative solutions for a very wide range of problems. These solutions can, in some cases, involve using our products or services, but in many others we can help you to help yourself. Our motivation is to make a difference. Rather than being purely mercantile we wish to spread our knowledge and experience to build an industry and a sustainable way of looking at the world and its myriad opportunities. Contact us to see how what is on our heads can solve the problem in front of yours.