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C-Wise Illuminated
The "Illuminate 2014" WA Local Government Convention was held over 2 days in August and C-Wise presented a range of services and products to the sector. The themes of Transparency, Trust and Transformation are very apt for a compost producer and waste manager in WA in 2014.

Brad Hunting the recently appointed Sales Manager for the company and Andrew Corrigan who looks after the domestic markets including landscaping, soil yards manned the C-Wise stand in the trade display market place. Brad was principally looking to assist local government with their waste stream management as his area of expertise is composting know how and the MAF system. Mobile Aerated Floor technology is well suited to localised composting of a wide range of organics including food and green wastes. These are hot topics since the large increases in landfill rates hit the airways.

Andrew's experience is in the field of composted product for turf and garden. Many councils are looking to improve soil health particularly under playing fields as a means of combating Sting Nematode attack and meeting water allocations by building water holding capacity in soils. Andrew is able to show proven and quite startling results from trials in these areas of turf management. Mature composted product such as Humicarb and Turf Perfect are capable of turning the tide when applied to sandy soils and infested turf.