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Olav Grube finished a 3 month working holiday in Australia where he worked at C-Wise furthering his knowledge of composting. His father and sister run a composting operation in Germany treating food wastes. They first started using the MAF (Mobile Aerated Floor) system in 2003 and were early adopters of this technology. Olav is heading back to work with the family company on expanding the range of composted products going to market.

He told me that MAF was taken up by the family business because of odour issues. The revolving trommel system previously in use was bringing too many complaints from neighbours. Swapping to MAF meant that the odour detection footprint shank to 1/3 of the original area and this was key to being allowed to continue doing their good work of turning food waste into a soil improving resource.

Olav has worked mainly in the MAF production area where his smooth handling of loaders and MAF blowers was described by Production Manager Mike Parsons as 'poetry in motion'. Olav has had a rapid education in the Australian language as distinct from the form of English that he spoke on arrival 'Down Under'.

Operations Manager Clint Liddelow who is a dab hand in the kitchen prepared a luscious pea and ham soup for all staff for the farewell occasion. There were a number of gifts for Olav on his departure included a cap with a collection of Australian expressions, a packet of Tim Tams and a gold and green onesie which he has promised to wear on the plane going home.


Olav with Tim Tams and cap



The Onsie