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What is a composted product?

What are the main benefits of composted products?

Why do you need a good quality product?

What is a good quality product?

What are the main processes to produce composted products?

Discover why Compost ain’t Compost by reading more…

A composted product is organic matter that has been through a controlled composting process.

The process involves a host of organisms including microbes, fungi, nematodes that digest the cellulose and carbon in what was living matter and convert it into material that is more stable and beneficial for plants growth and health.

The tree main product categories of products that come from the composting process are mulch, soil improvers and turf top dressers.  Mechanical screening of the mother compost into different fractions determines the end use.

A soil conditioner is a carbon based composted product or blend used to incorporate carbon into the soil, improving soil function and increasing soil fertility.

A mulch is a carbon based composted product used on the soil surface to protect soil and save water.

A top dresser is a soil conditioner applied on the surface.

Composted products improve soil health & soil functions physically, chemically and biologically.

Adding composted products to your soil will stimulate the carbon pump. Soil carbon will :

      Reduce plant stress and increase drought resistance

      Improve nutrient management

      Stimulate & diversify soil biology

  • Develop larger root systems
  • Unlock bound nutrients
  • Suppress disease

      Act as a PH buffer

Compost ain’t compost -just as the famous advertisement said about oils, the differences in the quality and uses of composted products vary incredibly.

Some composted products can actually harm your soil if you pick a product with the wrong characteristics:

-       Pasteurisation: this is a vital first step as it eliminates nasties such as weed seeds, human and plant pathogens as well as insects. 

-       Maturity: it is a measurement of stability and humification of composted carbon products linked to the level of processing.

Maturity 1 is from the most basic process (pasteurisation) and maturity 3 is the highest level process.

Level 1 maturity is still active and can burn plants as a result of the presence of ammonia and other nitrogen rich compounds.

Level 2 mature compost has undergone as much as two months of further composting. These composted products are biologically active and can be a source of plant nutrients.  They tend to have a rich smell and need to be applied with care as burning can still occur if overused. 

Level 3 mature products are highly stable and have a light nutrient content for plants but are extremely successful in turning on the soil borne biology that is the true driver of plant success.  These humus rich products build long-term soil fertility.

What you need to look for when you buy a composted product?


What are the techniques to produce composted products?


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