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Joe Williams "Water Man"

At the Nambeelup compost facility frogs have  been heard, then seen, recently in the final polishing pond of the water treatment system.  The water in this pond has completed treatment and is ready to go into the composting process to produce soil conditioners and mulch. 

Joe Williams the new  “Water Man” at C-Wise discovered the amphibious crooners when arriving to work at sunrise.  Joe reckons this is proof that the water is in great shape because frogs are far more sensitive to anything nasty than the proverbial canary in the mine.  “Frogs live in water even breath through their skin, so to see them happily swimming around is a terrific tick for the health of the water”.

Joe has just recently joined C-Wise and his role is to look after all processing of waste water on the site.  He sees himself as a pump man and a background in dewatering processes at mine sites means he is used to moving huge quantities of water.  As a qualified boilermaker, fitter and welder Joe knows pumps back to front. 

Joe looks after all water processing and is very proud that the water going to composting is clean and healthy as it is a vital ingredient in producing high quality products.