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There's always an air of excitement when a new piece of equipment arrives on the "pad" (the production area where composting takes place) at C-Wise. The latest addition is a telescopic  loader from German firm Schaffer Loaders.  The fact that this was the first of this larger model to arrive in Australia added to the sparkle in the eyes. Its probably worth mentioning that the men that operate in this theatre have a love of large equipment.  

The first Schaffer loader on site was commissioned 8 years ago and it quickly won admiration for its extreme versatility and the contortionist- like ability to twist and turn on a sixpence. Essentially it is able to connect to a bucket loader, forks for lifting as well as a hook to pull aeration pipes from the MAF units so these can be relocated readily for the next move. The manoeuvrability of the Schaffer hinges on the fact that it is hinged (articulated is the official term) in the middle. Instead of skid turning as happens with bobcats for example, and chewing up the landscape or bitumen, this wide tyred loader has a comparatively soft footprint. This articulation also takes away much of the mechanical stress on the loader and has a massive effect on reducing maintanance costs 

The main product movers on the C-Wise pad are large Volvo loaders and currently there are 4 of these servicing requirements.  At busy times the new Schaffer can be brought into loading the screening plant when the Volvos are under pressure. It also contributes to worker safety at the facility by lifting a working cage up to the required heights so avoiding the use of ladders. 

When the time came to purchase a larger tele-handler an examination of the servicing record showed that the original Schaffer model 4050z  was not only exceptionally reliable but the cost of maintenance and repairs was among the lowest of all mobile equipment on the pad. After 4500 hours of service there was not one major issue on the record.  Researching the international company web revealed a model that would fit the bill.

A small family company runs the Schaffer Loader agency in WA.  When asked about the model 9510T, proprietor Cameron Moir warned that getting a new telescopic loader into Australia would be a challenge as a result of the revised Australian Standard introduced in 2012.  Considered the toughest standard in the world for telehandlers the 9510T came through with flying colours.


For those with a love of big machines I can tell you that the new model is powered by a 4 cylinder water-cooled Deutz turbo diesel engine producing 81kW of power and can turn on a 2.24m radius.  It has a lifting capacity of 4000kg and can extend to a 5.5 m reach.  And the colour - red.