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By Neville Passmore

Dwellingup Primary School is the epicentre of a giant pumpkin competition and the weigh-off will take place on Easter Saturday. With pumpkins expected to weigh in at one quarter of a tonne or more its is likely to shake the ground. The largest so far came in at 285 kilograms. Entries come from all around the south west and the competition has produced some fierce rivalries plus a good deal of secret rituals and methods. I am aiming to uncover some of these when I report back after this years event.

The giant pumpkin competition is the centrepiece of the Country Fair that is run by the Parents and Citizens Association to raise funds for the 74 student primary school. Last years fair raised $8300 which enabled the school to pay for a music teacher.

I reckon this is terrific as I fondly remember music lessons at Armadale High School where I was introduced to many different musical genres including folk and classical. This lead to a life time musical love affair for me.

C-Wise a locally based organic soil fertility company has sponsored the giant pumpkin competition for the last 15 years. The fete has added other competitive events to give more opportunities for growers young and not so young. So there is a contest for the heaviest table pumpkin (any variety other than the giant type), the heaviest kids table pumpkin, the oddest fruit or vegetable, the heaviest watermelon and the tallest sunflower.

I will be presenting the first prize winner with a C-Wise cheque for $500 in exchange I hope, for some winning tips on growing enormous pumpkins. While I'm there I am happy to help with answering gardening questions. If you have a burning question, something growing that needs identifying or a weed that’s causing you angst then bring it along and I will do my best to answer or ID it for you.

The Fair is held at the Dwellingup Primary School 10 Newton Street, Dwellingup from 9 am to 3.00 PM. Other attractions include the "Renowned Dwellingup Cowpat Lotto" (this is one I have to see), country food, local music, fresh produce and hand made craft stalls. Renae Armstrong is coordinating the event so enquiries can be directed to 95381168

Sounds like a heap of fun come and join in I look forward to seeing you.


The winning entry 2013